Peta Konsep Optika Geometri

 If we discuss Optic means talking about the concept of light. There are twoconcepts of  light heory are used, that is regarded as a particle of Light and Light as a wave. Optics is the science which deals with the concept of lightas a wave. there two consep of optic,  Optics Optics Geometry (reflectionand refraction) and Physical Optics (diffraction, interference orpolarization).

There are three principles in the form of Optics Geometry of light paths, the Law of reflection and refraction law.

let’s show this video:

On Homogeneous Light propagating medium straight. Reflectance is the return of a beam of light when you meet with the field boundary between two media. Light  reflectance video Notice the following:

Huygens’ principle: All points on a wavefront act as point sources of spherically propagating “wavelets” that travel at the speed of light appropriate to the medium. At a short time Δt later, the new wavefront is the unique surface tangent to all the forward-propagating wavelets.

“Problem 1”,

  1. According to Huygens’ principle, all points on a wavefront serve as point sources of secondary wavelets. For a material body, give an atomistic physical explanation of this principle.
  2. Does the mechanism in A suggest that the secondary wavelets have the same frequency or wavelength as the incident wavefront. Explain.

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