there are many optical instrument that is the eye, magnifying lens (Loupe), camera, microscopes and binoculars. let us learn together about the magnifying lens.

Please, look at this the slides

Example :

  1. A servise clock has a point near 25 cm, using a magnifying lens with her ​​eyes the maximum accommodation. if the magnification 6 times.

a. What is the strength of these magnifying lens?
b. What is the magnification of the angle if the eyes without accommodations?

Answer :

  1. the strength of these magnifying lens

2.  the magnification of the eyes without accommodations is…


  1. A loop has a length focal 6.0 cm.  Calculate the magnification loop if: a) the eye to see objects with a maximally accommodating at a distance 25 cm. b) the eye sees object without accommodation !
  2. A lens with focal length 5 cm is used as a loop.  If the normal eye using those loop with maximally accommodating, then the magnification of anguler loop is ….
  3. For the purposes of observation in an experiment, someone using a loop. If available a few loops with a range of different focus, so to get the maximum magnification, things to do is. . . . . . .

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