Peta Konsep Optika Geometri


If we discuss Optic means talking about the concept of light. There are twoconcepts of  light heory are used, that is regarded as a particle of Light and Light as a wave. Optics is the science which deals with the concept of lightas a wave. there two consep of optic : the first is optics Geometry (reflectionand refraction), second: Physical  Optics (diffraction, interference, orpolarization).

There are three principles in the form of Optics Geometry of light paths, the Law of reflection  and refraction law.

let’s show this video:

On Homogeneous Light propagating medium straight. Reflectance is the return of a beam of light when you meet with the field boundary betweentwo media. Light reflectance video Notice the following:

Huygens’ principle: All points on a wavefront act as point sources of spherically propagating “wavelets” that travel at the speed of light appropriate to the medium. At a short time Δt later, the new wavefront is the unique surface tangent to all the forward-propagating wavelets.

“Problem 1”,

  1. According to Huygens’ principle, all points on a wavefront serve as point sources of secondary wavelets. For a material body, give an atomistic physical explanation of this principle.
  2. Does the mechanism in A suggest that the secondary wavelets have the same frequency or wavelength as the incident wavefront. Explain.
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